OSHA 30 Hour Supervisor Training 

Having the OSHA 30 Hour Supervisor Training for Construction or General Industry is one of the best trainings you can have to make yourself more employable and make you more money!

.   What I'm about to tell you, can make you more money, faster!

OSHA Outreach 30 Hour Construction Safety Training by 360training.com

OK, glad you're still here.

The US federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world!  Which also means there are a ton contracts for other businesses given out by government contracting officers every day.

They decide what the requirements of the contracts are.  From how many of this, to what kind of that, how tall but also how Safe.  That's your key word!

No one wants anyone hurt or injured on the job.  That's why we have OSHA!  So to take the pressure off the contracting officer, she refers to OSHA for guidance in writing these contracts.

So OSHA recommends everyone have the 40 Hour HAZWOPER, that the supervisors have the HAZWOPER Supervisor and of course the OSHA 30 Hour Supervisor Training in Construction or General Industry.

Not many people have the 30 Hour and the demand is extremely high.

Why I Took the OSHA 30 Hour Supervisor Training in Construction

In 2010, I was called to be the Safety/QC for a UXO job in Hawaii.   I was asked if I had the OSHA 30 Hour Construction certification.  I did not and was passed up.

I then spoke with the Project Manager of a large UXO company and he said that contracting officers were requiring that at least one person had the certification.

After that conversation, I enrolled with 360training to get my certification. 

Fast forward to know, 2013 and I'm on a UXO job and guess what!  I'm the UXO Safety/QC and I'm the only one with the 30 Hour Construction Supervisor.  And by the way, I'm also near the beach in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

When you're looking at getting your next job, you have to ask yourself, 

"How am I more employable than anyone else applying for this position?"

The OSHA 30 Hour Supervisor Training Certification could be the missing piece that gets you the job over anyone and everyone else.  I know I could have enjoyed being the Safety/QC in Hawaii!

OSHA Outreach 30 Hour Construction Safety Training by 360training.com

If you're working UXO contracts, you'll want to take the 30 Hour Construction.  If you're working in an industry other than construction or UXO, you should take the General Industry training.

Looking for the 10 Hour General Industry?

If you're looking for the 10 Hour General Industry or Construction Outreach training, 360training offers that as well!  You can be sure that the 360training is an OSHA Approved provider of training!

Take the OSHA 30 Hour Construction