Active Shooter Training Seminar

Be Prepared!  Active shooter training is now available in Nashville, TN.  Whether you're the Security Officer for a major corporation or a safety team member at your church, understanding how to react to an active shooter is well worth knowing.

Active Shooter Immediate Action Response Kit includes Plate Carrier, 2 Level IV Ceramic Plates and Free Shipping!

Gun Free Zones are the easiest targets for the emotionally disturbed and criminally insane to make their statements to the world before taking their own life. Will you be able to respond in a strategically and tactically correct way? 

Schools, the work place, hospitals, churches, malls, movie theaters and restaurants have had active shooters causing death, injuries and life-long emotional damage. 

I've attended many trainings in my past.  Palehorse exceeded my expectations by holding the course in an actual mall!  Real-world training at it's best!  Take this course!  Ron,  US Navy Chief

Are you fully prepared to actually help and not be part of the problem?

This course covers: 

  • Active Shooter Profile
  • How to Respond when an Active Shooter is in your area
  • How to respond when Law Enforcement arrives
  • Training your Staff
  • Prevention
  • Managing the situation
  • Manager Reaction to an Active Shooter Situation 
  • Workplace Violence
  • Managing the Consequences of an Active Shooter 
  • Situational Awareness 
  • Site Security Response 

This course will be 30% Classroom and 70% Hands on.

Don't think you'll be sitting around having coffee and trying to keep your head from bouncing off the table!  You will be an active participant in real-world scenarios using Air Soft weapons.  This will be one of the most intense 4 hours of your life!

Active Shooter Training Seminar by Palehorse Global Solutions.  US Army turned Islamist Ft. Hood Shooter.

You will need to bring your own personal eye protection and any other personal protective gear you're comfortable being shot in.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for 4 Hours of Active Shooter Training for your records, training jacket and to proudly display on your wall.

Whether you're an armed guard, Corporate Administrator or a concerned citizen, don't enter into a situation without having been through this Active Shooter Training Seminar!

There are companies doing a 2 Hour Active Shooter Course costing between $300 and $450!

The cost for this course is only $150.00 so be sure to save your seat now!

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