Can HAZWOPER training be done online

40 Hour HAZWOPER Online Discount Code is

40 Hour HAZWOPER Online Discount Code is

I need to take the HAZWOPER soon for the job I was hired to do. My question is can HAZWOPER training be done online?

I've heard from different people that you can and that it can't be taken online.

What says you?

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Feb 23, 2013
HAZWOPER training can be done online
by: Training Center Pros, Inc.

Yes! Your HAZWOPER training can be done online.

In fact, you can do all of it, 100% online.

Training Center Pros, Inc founder and CEO had to have his 40 Hour HAZWOPER, his 8 Hour Refresher, his HAZWOPER Supervisor and his 30 Hour Construction Supervisor while he was a Senior (UXO) Unexploded Ordnance Supervisor.

How does that help you? Easy, our CEO has been in your seat and knows what is required for HAZWOPER workers.

Here's some of the benefits of taking the Online HAZWOPER with us and why you should take it with us:

100% online!

The training is not timed!

Log in and log out as often as you need!

Take it on any or as many computers that you have!

You can wear your pink bunny slippers while taking the course.

If you lose your certificate*, you can login from any computer and print off another copy. This is very important if you're traveling and forgot the copy to give to your boss.
*Certificate is suitable for framing!

We've been offering the 40 Hour, 8 Hour Refresher, 8 Hour Supervisor and Supervisor Refresher HAZWOPER for years. We have over 300 other folks have taken the course before you!

See all of our HAZWOPER courses.

But Wait! There's more!

We offer a discount code to save you $40! on the 40 Hour but you have to get it now. The discount code won't be available forever!

Click Here to get your discount code now and to learn more about the Training Center Pros 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training!

Still not convinced to take your 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training with TC Pros?

How about a chance to be selected to attend UXO Training for Free!!! That's about $8000.00 that isn't coming out of your pocket!

Take the 40 Hour HAZWOPER with TC Pros and you'll receive 350 chances to go to UXO School. You could be making over $100,000 a year traveling around the country blowing up bombs!

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training can be done online

I'm ready to learn more and to get my discount code!!

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