Counter Terrorism Training

Sensitive Site Exploitation Training

Counter Terrorism Training covers a broad spectrum of training for military, law enforcement, agency, civilian and commercial industry.  The types of training are equally as broad covering the basics of IED's, WMD's, Cyber Terrorism, Human Intelligence and Finance.

"After being in the business of Navy EOD, IED's and Improvised Weapons of Mass Destruction manufacturing and training since 1995, I've seen good and bad training. The series listed below is some of the best online CT/AT training I've seen." - Steve Cassidy

If you're a security professional or looking at making a move into this fast growing sector of the economy, you don't want to miss these courses. International business and business travel are increasing significantly with the improvements in technologies and the ability to uncover natural resources.

Cyber Security Courses

Federal agencies, databases and commercial industry is being hacked every second of every day.  Some of it's for financial gain but some of it is exclusively to take out our critical infrastructure and make us more vulnerable to attack.

IT Security is considered by many to be the fastest growing and most lucrative sector in the IT market. With today's leading companies putting an ever growing importance on the security of their infrastructure, IT Security pros are capitalizing on acquiring high salary positions to protect these businesses systems.

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IED Training

Sensitive Site Exploitation: This Training Center Pros, Inc. course has been taught to SFG and DEA prior to deployment to Afghanistan. This is a Restricted course available only to Federal agencies and US Law Enforcement personnel. To request a quote, please click here!

IED Awareness Training for companies and organizations is part of an overall terrorist and bomb threat management training.  Click Here.

Advanced IED Electronics Training is for military and federal EOD and LE Bomb Squads.  Click Here.

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