& HAZWOPER Refresher

Looking for an 40 Hour EOD HAZWOPER? Look no further than Training Center Pros. If you're a recent graduate of NAVSCOLEOD and need your 40 Hour or HAZWOPER Refresher, Training Center Pros can help.

EOD 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification is available from Training Center Pros, Inc.

As EOD Techs, we're trained on all levels of PPE from safety glasses to the EOD9 Suit. Bio, Chem and Nuke identification and disposal, working in all levels of PPE including SCBA? We've all dressed out for that as well. Hot Line procedures and Decon are just part of the day for us.

After all of this extensive training, sitting through another 40 hours of training just doesn't make sense with our continued on site training to meet our military and EOD advancement requirements.

If you're a recently graduated EOD Tech from NAVSCOLEOD and need your 40 Hour HAZWOPER, fill out the form below to see if you're qualified to more quickly accomplish your HAZWOPER requirements and get your certificate in hand.


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8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

If you've already completed your 40 Hour and are looking for your annual refresher, Training Center Pros has the best option for EOD Techs working in the field.

Training Center Pros, Inc. has been supplying USACE, UXO companies, EOD and UXO Techs and other hazardous workers for years!

We offer 3 different 8 Hour Refreshers but as EOD or UXO, you'll want to take option 2 when signing up for the specific course! It is highly focused on PPE, something we all know very well!

Taking a course with us is easy!

  1. Enroll as a student with Training Center Pros, Inc. 100's before you already have!
  2. Pick your course that you're taking. Again Option 2 is best for EOD.
  3. Pay for your course. It's $39.95! How easy is that!
  4. Take the course.
  5. Fill out a quick course critique.
  6. Save and Print your certificate.

Why take the course with us?

  1. Training Center Pros, Inc. was founded by former Navy EOD Tech, Steve Cassidy.
  2. Steve's been offering the HAZWOPER for several years.
  3. The course is not timed!
  4. Login and out as your time allows or finish it in one sitting!
  5. If you lose your certificate, you can login from any computer and get another copy!

Get Started on Your 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Now!

For any general EOD HAZWOPER questions, please use the Contact Us form to your left! We look forward to helping you with a successful HAZWOPER learning experience!